Have a System in Place to Get Answers to Your
Medical Billing & Practice Mgt.  Questions

Sample Questions

Here are some of the medical billing and practice management questions we have answered for our clients.


Q- What if I have a new physician enter my office surgery practice? How does that affect my credentialing? Do I have to obtain another NPI?

Q- I perform surgery in my office, do I need to hire a risk manager?

Q- Are there Federal Rule requirements that are required in my narrative reports? If so, what are they?

Q- I’m not receiving my ERA 835 files? What should I do?

Q- How do I obtain an NPI ?

Q- Can ICD-9-CM procedure codes be reported on hospital outpatient claims?

Q- Are Companion Guides required by HIPAA? If so, where can I obtain them?

Q- Can I send electronic PHI in an email or over the Internet? How do I know if my systems are compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule’s requirements?

Q- How should modifier "-25" be reported under the CCI?

Q- Is testing for medical necessity equivalent to testing for medical necessity? What are the criteria for determining Gynecological Cancer?

Q- How can I be sure that my practice remains in compliance with all current medical and legal matters?

Q- I recently heard that the ICD-9-CM will be eliminated and will be replaced with the ICD-10-CM? Is this true and how soon will that become in effect?

Q- I am a practicing Physician with a subspecialty in Cardiovascular medicine. What is the best medical billing software to use in my practice to ensure ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS coding and Medicare Compliance?

Q- I am starting a practice, should I register as an LLC or an S Corporation? Should I become a provider with all the insurance companies? What is the most proficient way to accomplish this?