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MedProAnswers.com offers Doctors Reliable Practice Management Solutions

Finding Practice Management, Physician Credentialing, Medical Billing and Collection solutions are at the forefront of any provider’s mind. Day to day legal compliance and risk management matters are ever-changing and keeping abreast of these issues have become overwhelming for the majority of Doctors. We asked physicians what they need to help run their practice with ease and the answer was the same across the board. Accurate and prompt answers to their questions ranging from billing and coding matters to risk management and legal affairs were critical to their time and facility management. Further, physicians don’t want “guesstimates” they want solid, accurate answers from trained professionals and peers.

Expert Credentials

Medproanswers.com is comprised of an array of experts, all having been trained and certified and who have years of experience. Doctors, staff and medical equipment providers will appreciate knowing that answers to their critical questions will be provided by physicians, attorneys and experienced medical billing professionals who are on staff and eager to help.

From the most common medical billing or coding questions, to questions regarding risk management and fraud, you can be confident that our staff will have the knowledge and credentials to provide you with the answers you need and the service you deserve.

With your annual membership, answers to these and any other question you have will be provided within 24-48 hours.

How Many Questions Can I Ask Medproanswers.com?

Medproanswers.com provides our members with an unlimited number of direct answers to your Practice Management questions. Enjoy the other benefits you’ll receive as a member such as a Business and Personal forms download feature as well as custom written manuals that will assist you in continuing education and practice management matters. The MEDICAL-LEGAL BOOKS AND MANUALS, CD’s, DVD’s and other Software downloads will help you run your practice with confidence while maintaining legal compliancy.

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Annual Membership. Each membership will begin from the date of registration and payment and expire on the same date the following year.

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$639 Per One (1) Annual Membership

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Doctors and their staff or Equipment Providers and their staff may have access to all areas of the website plus the “ask a question” area. Members are entitled to ask an unlimited number of questions during their membership period of (12) months. Medproanswers.com reserves the right to provide forms and documents in formats such as via digital or hard copies or via download.

Members will be issued one (1) username and password. This username and password cannot be transferred to other providers for their use and answers will be provided to only one email address. Any abuse or misuse of your membership may result in additional fees or charges.

It is suggested that you ask questions that pertain to your practice or provider location only.

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With your annual membership of $639, you and your staff will be instantly connected to a team of professionals who are eager to assist you. You can be confident that the knowledge required to successfully manage your medical practice will be at your fingertips. With just a few clicks, you will receive answers to your critical practice management questions including Medical Billing, Risk Management, Doctor Credentialing, and other legal questions. We’ll provide you with prompt answers and solutions---because we know you need those answers, fast.

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