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We promise to provide you with information based on the most current billing and coding guidelines which are gauged by our staff to assist you in collecting the maximum dollar amount for each service or procedure provided. Our service enables you and your staff to get your job done with ease and with top results. Along with straightforward answers to your billing questions, we also provide you with links to information and references to back up our answers.

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Below is an outline listed by topic and based on some of the most frequently asked Medical Billing Questions (FAQ’S) by Physician’s and Medical Management Professionals.

Billing Support
Accounts Receivable Follow-up & Analysis Support
Encounter Forms
Medical Management, Risk Management & Fraud
Do you need an appeal expert?
Insurance Verification Support & Forms
Most Effective Verification Methods
ICD-10 Codes CPT Codes & Modifiers Support & Guidelines
Correct Coding Initiative Guidelines & CPT Billing Guidelines
HCPCS Coding
Medicare Billing and (EOB) Guidelines
Medicare Claim Deadlines
Appealing of Claims
Physician/Hospital Relationships
Preparation for Start-up Practice
Coding Support
Practice Management and Assessment Services
Practice Management & Transformation Services
Fee Schedules
HIPPA Compliancy
Insurance Regulatory information
Licensure and provider member status
Medical Management Effectiveness and Efficiency
Medical Staffing Issues & Education
Missed Revenue Opportunities
Physician Credentialing
Software Analysis and Support

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