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Most states have laws concerning medical record keeping with a couple having criminal laws attached to medical records and their release. Now, enter HIPAA and its regulations of medical records, documentation and compliance. The new HIPAA regulations carry heavy fines, sanctions and criminal penalties for non-compliance.

You and your practice must be aware and trained in both state laws and federal HIPAA laws concerning medical records, documentation and compliance. In order to survive and thrive without the worry of audits, fines, sanctions and criminal penalties you have to be proactive in your practice and have a system in place to get answers to your questions concerning these and other issues that affect your practice and income.

Preparation is the key to avoiding problems in these areas that you may encounter. Make sure you have support for your practice and understand the medical-legal guidelines you are required to follow.

This entails, but is not limited to such practice management matters such as:

  1. Case History, examinations, office notes
  2. Re-examinations
  3. Clear understanding of codes you use to submit billing
  4. How the coding system works
  5. How to bill for better revenue
  6. How to safely bill
  7. How to demonstrate and document medical necessity and treatment
  8. How to present your documentation
  9. Support documentation,treatment, medical records and billing
  10. Do you have an office risk management program in place.
  11. Insuring proper forms are in place to document and support your treatment plan
  12. Are your records charting, medical records, compliance, medicalnecessity, treatment, confidentiality issues in place?
  13. Would you or your practice survive an investigation, criminal,civil or both?

Medproanswers.com will furnish information to help you manage your practice and provide general information regarding answers to your questions on the following topics. Please feel free to ask questions even if you don't see a specific topic which you would like to address.

  • Medical Records Confidentiality
  • Informed Consents
  • Risk Management
  • Subpoenas
  • Malpractice - Plaintiff and Defense
  • Tort Law
  • Medical Examinations
  • Outcome Assessments
  • Medical-Legal Compliance Checklist
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Criminal Law Related to Clinical Practice
  • Trends in Medical Malpractice
  • Internet Law
  • Chart Documentation and Compliance
  • Red Flag Issues with Billing
  • Screening for Medical Necessity
  • Documentation of your Medical Records
  • Medical Compliance and Documentation
  • Super Confidential Medical Records
    (Different than regular records)
  • Treatment Plans
  • Medical Reports
  • Medical Report Writing
  • State & Federal Guidelines/Laws
  • Depositions
  • Medical Liens
  • Medical Fraud
  • Claims Investigations


You may have questions answered in these areas through this website. Each question answered by specialists in their respective areas of expertise. We will try to answer each of your questions as thoroughly as possible, however, keep in mind your state laws may be different than the State of Florida. It would be wise to check state, local or federal laws as it pertains to your specific location. Questions answered on this website are general in nature, and do not constitute legal or medical advise, but only general information and opinions based on Florida law. Each question will be answered by professionals licensed to practice only in the state of Florida.

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